Handcrafted Natural Artisan Soaps

Helping you use clean products to look and feel great!

About Us

Committed to Quality

The business was founded with and for members of the disabled community.  In addition to being home based and staffed by the disabled,  Buckingham and Lenox commits to providing 10% of profits back to the Autism community. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide completely natural artisan soaps, using only natural ingredients - pure vegetable oils and butters, colors from the earth or plants, and only essential oils for the beautiful scents.  We feel you should use clean ingredients to feel your cleanest.

Look and Feel Great

Buckingham and Lenox provides homage to the founders' heritage of farm communities and small towns.  This small town & farm country ethic inspires use of back to the earth ingredients and hand-made methods.  Every bar is natural, every bar is different.

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